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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Royal Artillery Barracks - Venue 11

For some reason we hadn't got a contact at the Royal Artillery Barracks (RAB) and what's more, on the late night trek to Greenwich we had passed the Venue.

It was not a terribly popular move to back-track along our route to go and view the RAB probably an impressively grand barracks behind black and gold railings and impossible to view.

Some fine figures outside the Royal Arsenal
We did indeed see the smart barracks and the railings but we'd also 'spotted'  some strange polka dot structures beyond so kept pedalling.  Carefully avoiding making tyre impressions on the newly laid tarmac we located Kim, the Venue Manager.  What was in front of us was undoubtedly the funkiest venue we have seen to date.
May we present the funkiest shooting galleries imaginable.
Locally, it is affectionately known as
Teletubby land.
These fab buildings are made of the 2012 version of the Millenium Dome material and those round discs serve the dual purposes of air vents and frames to stretch the fabric.  Pink and blue buildings and qualifying rounds the red monster is for the finals.

Jake with Amy who explained all the
technical stuff so we could understand.
All in all, the team found this one of their favourite Venues partly because it was so unexpected and partly because it's just brilliant!

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