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Monday, 9 July 2012

Hadleigh Farm - Venue 9

Just the 10 miles to the venue and then the 10 miles back - a little 20 mile outing.  A cycle path all the way to Hadleigh was, in fact a cycle path alongside the A127 main dual carriageway from somewhere to somewhere else.  The cycling was horrid and initially damp and drizzly.

We had a date with a photographer.  Jake had another broken gear cable.  Guess where we met up with the photographer.  Rayleigh have a Halfords, so that's where we met!  The pedal got fixed too.

Off to Hadleigh in the dry.  Salvation Army run farm, rare breeds centre, training centre and cafe - great views over the River Thames.
Hadleigh Castle overlooking Thames

Towards Canvey Island
Our contact, as has often been the case, was not there today.  We managed to sweet talk her assistants into a quick photo across the farm to the Mountain Bike course.
A good grin considering he didn't want to take off his jacket

We returned via Sainsbury's to get salad (yep, green stuff) for supper and gave ourselves an hour off 'paperwork' to watch 'Wiggo' win his first ever Tour de France stage - more cycling!

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  1. I'm going to the Olympic mountain biking. Looking forward to it. Can't wait for it to open to the public after the Olympics.