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Monday, 9 July 2012

Lee Valley - Venue 8

Now, bear in mind it was a 10:30 p.m finish and for some, nearly midnight, imagine our joy when the alarm rang at 5:30a.m in order for us to get to Lee Valley at 7:30a.m.  You can't imagine it?  Neither could we...

The Olympic Torch Relay was due at the White Water Centre and we were due to meet Access Sport Fundraising Director, Dave Boorman.  Luckily the route was alongside the canal so not too much route stressing.

Brilliant to be there with lots of activity, including demonstrations on the water and a large raft carrying the torch, not once, but twice and a particularly good plunge into the water doused the flame on the initial run.
Jake, Philip and Dave enjoying the spectacle

How it should be done
We were a little surprised about the size of the venue, it was much smaller than we'd expected and also we could see all  the action - this was an unexpected bonus.
The GB raft racers plus torch bearer

It's that taxi again - no stopping it!

Charity fundraisers in summer gear.
The coats are on a seat near by - don't be fooled!
As if this wasn't enough excitement we were then filmed and Jake was interviewed for London Tonight (don't know if they used it?)  Anyway, at the end of the interview we were asked to pedal off into the sunset, except our sunset was actually a torrential downpour - oh joy!

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