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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mixed Fortunes

2 days training was obviously far too much for Nic who took to her bed on Sunday with a virus and didn't resurface until Friday.

Jake, needless to say, was absolutely fine despite his team suffering a 77 - 7 defeat in the rugby on Sunday!  School sport and rugby training on Wednesday were followed by a foray into a new sport.  Jake quite fancied having a look at Tae Kwondo before Christmas but his plans were put on ice until the New Year.  Thursday, was his first opportunity to check it out.  Surprise, surprise he liked it!  Looks like his week is about to get more crowded.

'What of Philip?', I hear you cry.  Well, he's out there enjoying his newly acquired free time (he's bowed out of teaching).  The shocking blue lycra is being pedalled at a relaxed, languid pace around swathes of Cotswold countryside near Stow on the Wold.  You have been warned.  Three days outing have given good impetus to the training drive.  Come on Nic, stop slacking!