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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kersoe to Monmouth - Day 14

Always thought that this would be tough - leaving home to crank ourselves up again still feeling tired.

So, how fantastic to have a couple of cyclists to accompany us for the first 20 miles or so.  Jake's cousin, Harry, came along for 20 miles and our mad cycling friend, Fred, helped us churn out the first 15 miles.  Quick side note:  Fred is mega, let's cycle the Pyrenees and do 100 miles a day at stupid speed fit.  Harry is 16, play hours of tennis at county level fit.  An added bonus was an early morning visit from Gege, Fred's wife.  It was just the boost we needed.
Harry, Jake, Fred, Philip & Gege
It was drizzling but we were on familiar ground and the 20 miles until we were three again seemed to whizz by.  Poor Fred, he probably hasn't cycled that slowly for years but at least we didn't tire him out before he sets off for the real mountains.
Bye, bye Fred - thank you!

Bye, bye Harry - thank you!
Having endured intermittent drizzle whilst in company, the weather perked up as we wheeled towards Ross on Wye and the promise of coffee where we struck up a conversation with a local cyclist before heading into the Herefordshire wilderness.
A busy thoroughfare in Herefordshire
We passed through Llangrove, with their commemorative water pump and Bruin the dog accompanying Sue Chivers and the most stunning views just down the road.
Sorry Sue, Bruin is much more interesting

Jake admiring water pump commemorating Queen Victoria's
Golden Jubilee

Fabulous view back towards Ross on Wye & beyond
From Ross to Monmouth and a great cup of tea at Coffee # 1, with excellent directions to the Travelodge further down the road.  Day 1 of part 2 completed in sunshine, in good time, bikes sleeping soundly.
Night, night.

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  1. Hey Jake it is Rosie well done! you are doing great keep it up(if you get this ring me and we can talk) Iam really missing you!! A lot!!!by the way it is Rosie from Bredon Hill middle school best mate you can do it keep on going and i will keep on supporting you all the way.by the way are you going to prince henry's high school if you are i will see you there!! xx good by for now and i will talk to you soon keep it up xxxx:)Rosie