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Friday, 29 June 2012

Cardiff - Venue 5

The team were accommodated in Nomads Backpackers and it was great to wander around totally relaxed, access to a kitchen, laundry facilities and the start of Wimbledon on the TV (in a real sitting room).
Jake and Mabel making friends in Nomads
The object of the exercise was to get to the Millennium Stadium, the impressive, well-located, well-known next Olympic Venue.  So, Philip, how did we end up on the main dual-carriageway exactly?  Anyway folks, Cardiff Bay (yes - that area of Cardiff that is not home to the famous, Millennium Stadium) is really very smart.  Luckily for Philip it is also well supported by cycle routes out of the Bay area and into the city, where the stadium can be found.

Look boys, there it is!
Once there, the finding of the stadium paled in comparison to the ability to get into it.  LOCOG were busy and there were floodlights being replaced - it was a 'hard hat' area only and apparently our cycling helmets did not constitute hard enough head wear!

John, tried to give us the best of the photo opportunities available outside so we found our obligatory Venue statue and stood there in the drizzle.  Poor little Destination London 2012 taxi cab risked a soggy box in order to be photographed.
Jake, cold and damp standing with
Sir Tasker Watkins and his taxi.

Venue 5 Millennium Stadium

The stadium visited we had another important date to keep to - supper with Freya, Philip's daughter who is at university in Cardiff, studying Psychology.

Freya took the team to see the enormous Olympic Rings that celebrate Cardiff's involvement in the Olympics.  Apparently, of the 8 matches being hosted the men's match GB versus Brazil is a sell out.
These really are huge!

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