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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bristol to Weymouth

This was a big decision.  There were several options:

  • Go home
  • Stay in Bristol and wait for Jake's ankle to be passed fit
  • Take the train to Yeovil or Weymouth
  • Cycle regardless of the advice
At the hospital, Jake had really wanted to cycle, it was almost more of a shock to be told he couldn't than to have the accident.  

In the hotel room, the team were very down.  All options were visited and dismissed.  

We were NOT going to cycle.  Going home to rest was seen as the most depressing option. Stay put or move on?

We had commitments to lots of people in Weymouth, 2 schools, 1 venue, a major sponsor photo shoot and a local newspaper.

Distance 82 miles Bristol to Weymouth.  

Decision:  Take the train to Weymouth (either revisit the stages later in the ride OR make up the distance later in London).

Jake reflecting the mood of the whole team.
It is the right decision but sitting on the train was not
good for morale. 
The day's cycling destination
as seen from the train.

Bikes travelling down to Weymouth

Having bought the tickets, the team were informed that we couldn't reserve places for the bikes.  It was 'pot luck' - no more than 4 bikes on the 2 carriage train.  Tension was high.  Once on the train, everyone felt calmer.  With time to reflect, we knew we were doing the right thing.


The scenery on the way down was great, we also had a great travelling companion Bath to Bruton in Rowenna Seddon.  Arrival at The Fairhaven Hotel became a magical mystery tour of lifts, twists, turns and dead ends before finding our room and then a repeat in reverse as we went off to the Community Hospital.

Another late night in the Minor Injuries Unit became a real positive end to the day.  Kate looked after Jake brilliantly - we were all looking tired, especially Jake (reaction to the day before) and so the news that the wound was looking good, the stitches were great and he could cycle on Saturday got a clenched fist and, "YES" from Jake.

Back on track!

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