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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Milford on Sea to Winchester

The team woke to drizzle but the clothes and shoes and bikes were clean and dry.  Sleep had not been good for any of us for a variety of reasons so off we went slightly bleary eyed.

Before long, spirits were lifted by the clocking up of an incredible 1500km.  It really is quite an achievement for a 12 year old.
A 'milestone' because 'kilometrestone' just doesn't quite cut it!
Then off we trolled through the forest, past the cattle, past the ponies, over some incredibly poor road surfaces (great for toning those flabby arms) and out towards the ferry.
Lush surroundings - must be the weather for greenery.
Hythe Ferry was incredibly busy and they very kindly offered us free passage.  So what was all the fuss?  Southampton was bursting with the entire P&O fleet of cruise ships for a 175th anniversary and people had braved the drizzle to see them all in port at the same time.
Large cruise ship, one of 7 P & O
vessels in port.

Out of the weather but still a water theme - on it not under it

As for us, interesting though this was, we were trying to make contact with the Birmingham Mail for an interview with Jake.  Tricky manoeuvring around Southampton trying to track down NCR23 and then towards Winchester.
Spitfire at Southampton Airport

Threatening to dry up ...
We made it as far as Lakeside Cafe just north of the airport when the deluge began.  Within minutes we were drenched, water was pouring down the roads and we had 5 miles of horrid, very busy roads travelling into Winchester.  We resorted to paths to avoid the large puddles and then had to negotiate Winchester.  By the way, Winchester without the traffic and the tipping it down rain is probably a lovely town.

Just as another aside, it's a strange rule of thumb that the rubbish weather makes the challenge harder but it also makes raising funds harder along the route as people keep their heads down and rush to get in the dry.

Made it to rather plush looking Holiday Inn and would love to report super sympathetic and helpful vibes...

Trying to dry out shoes, jackets and panniers etc
You should see the rest of the room!
Hoping for a better day tomorrow after about 45 mildly to very soggy miles today.

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