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Monday, 2 July 2012

Bournemouth to Milford on Sea

A short day just 16 miles to pedal allowed us the luxury of spending time with Irene and delaying setting off until 1.30pm.
Philip and Irene in good spirits.
It was raining when we woke up and raining when we left Bournemouth hospital.  It was also blowing hard and if, at times it had been 'flaming awful June', then today was even worse July.

Just under 2 hours cycling was a real slog, wet from above, wet from the puddles and wet from passing cars and blowing hard along the sea-front.

Philip, rarely, lost all sense of humour and refused to allow photos to be taken of the non-existent view to the Isle of Wight and muttered something about charity bike rides and never again...  Nic, however, was plainly delirious and had decided it was so bad, as her shoes squelched with every turn of the pedals, that it was funny. Jake fretted about his very wet ankle.

We made it to Treetops, Milford on Sea, opened the garage door to store the bikes in the dry to find it blocked by a Fiat Punto.  Grrrr!
Philip off to the shops for the staples -
bread & milk

One load in two more to go.
Washing machine, what a lovely luxury

Within the hour clothes were in the washing machine, Philip was cleaning bikes, Nic was trying to remember how to cook and Jake was watching Wimbledon.  Humour was slowly restored and then massively restored as the team cheered Mark Cavendish to a Stage win in the Tour de France.

Apparently more rain for next 2 days - hard hats on readers, it could get nasty.

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