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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Uttoxeter to Coventry Day 10 of pedalling

With a great breakfast from The White Hart and more sponsor money into the kitty we left Uttoxeter and headed to Tutbury Castle.

Bizarre coincidences continue as we stop to check directions and, as usual, hand over our 'information' postcard.  Simon, to whom Philip has just handed the postcard, deals in postcards whereupon a conversation ensues and we are sent on our way - what are the chances to happen on Simon in a remote Staffordshire village?

Some of what remains of Tutbury Castle.
Some of what remains of 2 team members!

This was a hot day for a change, humid too, thankfully not hilly.  From Tutbury a pedal south to Barton under Needwood and Jake's promised stop for a Fox's glacier fruit sweet whilst the map was re-checked in order to negotiate some big A-roads.

Imagine the spooky sensation as we stopped and found ourselves outside a bike shop - not just any bike shop - a bike shop run by Adrian Timmins - not just any Adrian Timmins but the former British Olympic Team member and Tour de France rider!  Out came Jake's 'famous name' shirt and a signing beside Adrian's fabulous TdF Peugeot bike.
Adrian Timmins signing Jake's shirt - thanks very much.
From Barton under Needwood things got a little tricky as we approached Coventry, a slight miscue meant we spent longer on the B4098.  Now, we know that this is not a road into Coventry that many of you will be familiar with, places such as the long sought for Over Whitacre, Fillongley, Corley (big shout out to @dirtbiker13), Keresley however as a cycling trio this was a road that we did not enjoy AT ALL.  Fast traffic making silly, impatient judgments about over-taking meant we finally made it to Coventry highly stressed.

We entered North West, our Holiday Inn rooms were South East,  a long way South East.  So, we are approached by Vinny on his mountain bike - do we have an allen key as his saddle is wobbling.  We do indeed have an allen key, despite Jake having lost his at the National Cycling Centre.  In return, Vinny escorts us to London Road in a blur of pavements, back streets and cut-throughs, some of which he pedalled doing prolonged wheelies, all of which was in good spirit.

Good grief, London Road is long but there was an oasis in the end - a great room and supper - thank you very much Holiday Inn staff!

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