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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Homecoming number 1 - Day 13

Thank goodness this was a short journey.

A hideous headwind made progress along a very soggy, sandy Greenway very hard going.  The Vale of Evesham could just as easily have been hills for the effort we had to put in.  The ride from Badsey into town was horrendously busy with big lorries and vehicles doing silly speeds.

By this time, Jake could no longer change gear and his little legs were a blur, producing minuscule forward progress - much to his annoyance.

St. Richard's C.E First School was the first stop.  It was great to see everyone.  Mrs. Spencer had arranged an assembly for years 3 & 4 and supported by Philip, Jake stood confidently and told them about our trip and the 2 charities.  There was a collection for the charities from all year groups.  For Jake though, best of all was to see Lizzie Kelly who has kindly been sending the team encouraging texts along the way.  We even had a family donation from her and lots of hugs!

Nearly home

Yes, honestly, nearly there

Jake talking to Years 3 & 4

The team collecting money - Thank you very much!
 From St. Richard's a quick stop at our favourite local bike shop, supplier of Nic's & Philip's bikes - Vale Cycles.  Paul duly looked at Jake's dodgy gears and fitted a new cable in a flash.
About to take our leave

Then off to Jake's school - Bredon Hill Middle School.  We were a little late due to the mechanical difficulty so what an emotional treat to see all of Year 7 and staff gathered at the gate to cheer Jake home.

It was a fantastic welcome, very unexpected and hugely appreciated by a very tired team (photos to follow hopefully).

Jake was quickly back into his stride and left the oldies drinking tea and went to watch his classmates play tennis in their P.E. lesson.

A great end to part one of the journey!

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