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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Prologue 1 - Hampden Park, Bannerman High School

Thank you Glasgow, we've had an amazing day!

We commend Glasgow Holiday Inn Theatreland breakfasts! After an unscheduled gathering of pyjama-clad hotel guests on the pavement outside the hotel this morning (the fire alarms work and so does the evacuation of the building).  This was followed by Jake having a nosebleed.  So, pleased to report that the status quo was returned by toast, bacon and mushrooms!

We headed off to Hampden Park early enough, over the Clyde on a very splendid pedestrian suspension bridge and then somewhat higgledy piggeldy to Hampden Park.  Note to Glasgow City Council (need more signage for Hampden Park - not everyone has Sat Nav.)

Two lovely ladies on reception introduced us to Alex Hall who was our brilliant guide for the morning.
Jake's first glimpse of  Hampden Park
Home to 8 Olympic Football Matches
Most northerly London 2012 venue
What a great place, it was incredibly clean and fresh looking for 13 years of service and Jake loved the museum.  Best of all was standing pitchside - let's hope there's a great turn-out for the Olympic footballers because Alex said it's a really good noise when the crowd get going.

Now there's an interesting kit!
Oh, and we mustn't forget that Jake's mascot, the 'Destination London 2012' taxi cab came along for the ride too.  The Corgi taxi fits in exactly with our ride.  So here it is at Hampden Park, Glasgow ready to depart on stage 1 of it's journey home to London.  Jake's got the Road Cycling taxi but there are lots of different Olympic and Paralympic sports to chose from check them out here: Hornby.

Whilst at Hampden Park we got a telephone call from Rob Ross at Bannerman High School inviting us over to meet some of the current pupils as well as some of next year's intake visiting the school on an induction day.

This was the second appointment of the day where we arrived bang on time!  Let's hope this is a precedent we can live up to - don't hold your breath!

Rob Ross was a great host and Jake really enjoyed meeting the pupils.  We had the opportunity to meet a wide range of future talents in psychology, architecture, games programming, midwifery and tattoo art to name but a few.  Jake also found a bike buddy in Ben.  Ben really enjoys his mountain biking and so it was a  great connection.

Pupils current and future at Bannerman High School

Rob Ross doing our promotional work for us - Thank you!

Jake and Ben the mountain biker.


  1. This is a great Blog!! Just been reading it all now :) - Had a really nice time with you all and wish you the very best of luck for the rest of your ride, Ben :-)

  2. It was fantastic to meet you Jake and team!. Your an inspirational young man and Bannerman was privileged to welcome you all... Even though you ate all the Tunnocks Tea Cakes! Ok ... I did offer them to you!
    Thank you for your kind comments about your visit... We wish all the best for the rest of you're 'epic' journey... Safe and happy trails :-)
    I'm up at 4 of the am tomorrow as one of our pupils is carrying the Olympic Torch from the Riverside Museum on the next leg...

    Robb :-)

    1. Ok... No prizes for the mistakes!