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Friday, 8 June 2012

All thoughts of rest on our last day in Glasgow evaporated but we had a fantastic time and met some great people.

The day started with a photo shoot, arranged by Sarah from Holiday Inn and Mary-Jo. Lewis seemed to quickly appreciate that, when dealing with non-photogenic subjects, the answer is to take as many pictures as possible and hope that one comes up trumps.  Craig, from The Daily Record also seemed to work on a similar principle.  Let them talk for long enough and maybe there would be a sentence that makes sense.  All the fuss prompted £1 donation from a hotel guest. The proof will be in the reading, i;e do we make The Daily Record, given all the excitement of The Olympic Torch Relay coming to town.

As the excitement of being interviewed was ebbing away, Philip decided to get things going again by spectacularly falling in the foyer of the hotel.

Next excitement was the meeting of a giant Corgi 'Destination London 2012 Taxi' in Buchannan Galleries..

There was an instant bonding between Jake's Road Cycling mascot and it's big blue brother Track Cycling.  How amazing to be in the same place at the same time as the only full livery Destination London 2012 Taxi Cab outside London!

The day didn't stop there - on to the famous Renee Mackintosh Willow Tea Room for a slice of gingerbread and a cup of tea to be engaged in conversation with a fellow charity fundraiser from Ohio.  The charities were recipients of £15 from a chance meeting in a tea room - wow!

Then on to the Torch Relay City Celebration in George Square.  Photo opportunity with a torch...

and large Olympic Rings

Before the highlight of Jake's day, the lighting of the big cauldron on stage followed by - Eliza Doolittle on stage - swoon!

The day has ended with the first QR code reader - a Business Studies student from the University donating £1. 

Memorable day on many fronts - too tired to cycle tomorrow?!

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  1. i was there in march!!!! the one in buchanan street or the other one? tis indeed the place to meet peeople - i ran into a couple of conference delegates (conferences are much less exciting than cycling!) who were working on a project with teachers in perm, russia. small world :)