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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Up and Cycling!

60 days to go and counting...

It seemed such a good idea when the snow was on the ground in January - a bit of a challenge in the sunshine. Jake was busy pedalling in the West Midlands Under 10s Cyclo-Cross League and Philip and I ......were watching from the side-lines!

August, summer-time, let's do the south coast, Land's End to Dover. It didn't look nearly as far as the better known end-to-end challenge - and near the sea must surely mean sea level? The moral of this story being, pay attention in your geography lessons!

So, now it's getting serious and we're enlisting help - we've got bikes, always a good start. Slight problem that Philip & I have matching his and hers in red. However, we were professionally measured and have ended up with one of the names in touring bikes, Dawes, courtesy of the Cycle to Work Scheme and Vale Cycles, Evesham. Jake is riding his Isla Bike and it is out of racing trim and into pannier racks, panniers and sundry other weighty kit.

We are making an effort on the fitness front as well. Poor Mac, David McKinnon of Elite Fitness, Cirencester, has his work cut out with a couple of middle-aged gigglers who have well-developed exercise avoidance skills. No, I really do get motion sickness and start to hyperventilate on a treadmill and yes, Philip does have the co-ordination of Mr. Bean doing Step Aerobics.

We will be keeping you posted over the next 8 and a bit weeks as we acquire our camping gear and attempt to cycle it up various unforgiving hills in the Cotswolds. A last ditch attempt at conditioning our leg, back and heart muscles.

Jake? Jake will be fine, he'll motivate from the crest of the hill or possibly from the crest of the next one and demand cheesy chips for his carbohydrate loading as we pass every pub.

Big ride tomorrow - keep up!

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