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Friday, 4 June 2010

Things that conspire ...

You know that long bike ride? The one we mentioned yesterday, taking place today - yep, that one. I don't think 14.77 miles quite qualifies, not even with the .77.

So, we collected Jake's bike with duly mended chain and we should have just sped off into the Cotswolds to start our 40 miler. However, I was reminded that Jake is off to climb Snowdon with his cub troop (pack, whatever) in a couple of weeks raising money for charity. No walking boots - they were last seen in a dormitory on the school residential trip - oh the hectic life of a 10 year old. Anyway, this meant a quick trip to acquire new boots so that he can break them in before the climb.

A delayed start to our ride was put back even further by a frantic internet search for a suitable vehicle to replace Philip's beloved Peugeot that has had enough after 260,000 miles - NO LUCK!

Off we go then. No! A promise made a couple of weeks ago came back to haunt us - we found ourselves lopping, chopping and digging up shrubs in Philip's daughter's garden. Berberis and Cotoneaster, what great shrubs for hacking into when wearing shorts and t-shirts.

So, finally at 5.00p.m we left for our tiny pedal. Nothing too strenuous but 3 miles in Nic stopped, complaining of sore, running eyes, "It's like having peeled 12 onions." The joys of being a wearer of glasses and cycling never having been fully explained - oh, for a cheap, effective solution.

Then, Nic again delayed progress by bottling out of one hill having messed up her gear changes and wimping out of getting started on a hill. The spedometer said 2.9mph - what a bonus to our average speed.

It was though, the most glorious evening, warm, clear with lots of fabulous scenery as we bowled along through the Cotswolds; fields of just mown grass, hedgerows of flowering hawthorn, a huge heron flying overhead and contented flocks of sheep with fast-maturing lambs at foot.

Tomorrow's the day - target ETD 8.30 a.m. - watch this space.

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