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Monday, 28 May 2012

Jake's 12th Birthday

On Monday 21st May.it was Jake's birthday. Needless to say it started quite early: about 5.30 ish. He had a few presents before he went to school such as : headphones for his shuffle i-pod and some rather snazzy shorts.

Back from school his birthday went up a gear of two. His birthday Isla bike got some new drink bottle holders and even more impressively a Garmin 305 edge from his friend Fred. He also had a fab pair of cycling sunglasses....jeans,tops and money!!

Happy birthday to you....repeat...I bet I could eat it all up!
Nic whipped up an amazing birthday tea.a lemon cake to feed a growing 12 year old ! See pic:

The present of the day was the Razor scooter a present from Philip. After much adjusting Jake was ready to give it a go. For the next hour or two the sound of tiny scooter wheels filled the air. Later there was a sort crash. An interesting graze appeared on his leg. Ah well.............. such is the life in the fast lane.

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