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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Easter Holidays - Week Two

Easter Holidays Week Two was much more what the team had expected but with an unexpected bonus.  Jake met up with some of his distant cousins who live in Spain and made a fantastic job of cooking a birthday cake for Hugo who was 11 on the day they visited.
Jake, Javi and Hugo

The week had started with Nic and Jake doing an 8.5 mile Time Trial to push themselves as hard as possible and they averaged nearly 14 miles an hour - not too bad.  The visit from their family was a lovely day of relaxation.

Thursday part one and part two was a 43 mile bike ride through the Vale of Evesham, into Warwickshire and back via Pershore.  It was a good test, cycled quite late in the day but getting miles under their belts.

This ride was in preparation for the Evesham Blossom Trail Bikeaway, a 50 mile bike ride raising funds for the local St. John's Ambulance Brigade.

After a warm-up like that it should be no surprise that Jake was more than happy to bash a bit of wood to make fire kindling for Philip.

Sunday came and the team set off and achieved the 50 miles with some useful hills thrown in.  All in all a very positive training week.Blossom Trail Route

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