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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekend pastimes

On Saturday the team headed out on another 20+ miler.  Tremendously lucky with the weather that was chilly but dry and  no sign of the forecast showers thank goodness.  With plans to pedal on Sunday as well, they mapped out a new ride, gently undulating but nothing horrid.
According to the bike speedo they averaged just under 12 mph, not brilliant but could have been worse.  So, imagine their surprise when Jake's Endomondo average was 10.2 mph?  How come?  Well, at the risk of making Jake blush, let's just say there were a few minutes when the Endomondo was recording Jake mooching about on foot in the undergrowth..... Ah, these calls of nature play havoc with your average speed. If you click on this link then you'll see their route.
Sunday was a rugby training day and Jake really got stuck in, playing prop he had the best training session Nic and Philip had seen him have.  Well done Jake!
The weather was colder than predicted and Nic was feeling low on energy and her cough was annoying her and probably everyone around her.  She must have been under the weather, she decided to clear her desk - unheard of in recent months and worthy of note.
Another week of contacting schools and sports clubs beckons - keep you posted.

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