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Thursday, 29 March 2012

We're still here

No the team haven't disappeared in a puff of smoke, they're here in some form or other.

Nic is back to sickly and so the pedalling is on hold, yet again!  At this rate, the first day of the ride in June, a total of 62 miles, will just about finish her off.  Still, with qualified medical people on the case there is an anticipation of improvement any time soon.  Of course, the improvement may just happen as a result of the Easter Holidays.  Not wishing to be left out, Jake is showing signs of a cold and cough (end-of-termitis, probably) so all this fabulous weather has rather passed them by.  You'll be pleased to hear that Philip is at least doing some rides in isolation - he'll need to work hard because it's likely the other two will be asking for a tow.

Do not go thinking that nothing has been happening because this is far from the case.

Schools have been contacted, re-contacted and then spoken to again.  A PowerPoint presentation has been completed for schools to use in order to introduce the team, Action for Children and Access Sport.

Nic took a great photo of a hot air balloon (no, this has nothing to do with anything but she was pleased with it).

New polo shirts have been delivered along with the print for the pannier covers and Jake has had his polo shirt signed by a very important person.....

You see, this is a great photo
considering it was taken with a mobile phone.

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