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Sunday, 11 March 2012

A full weekend

A full weekend.

We had a great start to this weekend with a very encouraging text from Access Sport regarding a possible outing to the National Cycling Centre - keep following to find out more.  We also had some very enthusiastic support from 2 schools that will be joining our bikewithJake '6 wheel challenge'.

After Jake's hockey session on Friday we chugged wearily to Tesco's for the obligatory weekend shop and bumped into a friend of the team - Joan who thrust £10.00 into Jake's hand as a donation for the ride.  Thank you very much!

Saturday came, a day Nic was sort of dreading - back on the bike after the dreaded lurg and vertigo.  It was a glorious day so off we went for a low level 20 mile spin.  The average speed was pretty good for two-thirds of the ride but Nic began to flag and the boys found themselves waiting..... waiting again ... and again .... and then finally abandoning (on Nic's advice) as steaming home for the last 2 miles.  Nic kept pedalling but muscles had allegedly been replaced by some form of mush and the average speed dropped.

Still, you'll be pleased to know that if you click here you'll be able to see a map of our ride through the Endomondo website.  Be patient, it can sometimes be reluctant to load.

On Saturday evening Jake went on a late night hike with scouts to return, in theory, at midnight.  An opportunity for an adults evening out with Nic, Philip, Philip's eldest daughter and her boyfriend.  Which bikewithJake team member hadn't booked a table?  Hmmmm - let's just say, it wasn't Nic!  The foursome duly decamped from the pub to the Indian Restaurant across the road and sat down to order at 9.30 p.m.  Not to worry, Jake will be out until midnight.  The phone rang at 10.08, about 5 mouthfuls into the maincourse (the only course).  Guess which member of the team left to pick up Jake?   Hmmmm - let's just say, it wasn't Philip!

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