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Friday, 17 February 2012

Lots of good stuff going on!

So much to say, so little time, so a quick overview:

Jake takes up Tae KwonDo.....Jake breaks his toe on airing cupboard door following Tae KwonDo kick practice.
Brave soul takes bent and purple toe to Tae KwonDo club that evening and takes part.....boys hey!

Great response from a lot of the schools we've approached to join the bikewithJake Team as new half-term looms the pace will be hotting up.
Check out go ahead schools; Wellacre Academy, Manchester, Bannerman High, Glasgow, Royal Manor, Portland and Cox Green, Maidenhead.  The schools look amazing and Cox Green has a great Olympic blog.

First polo shirts printed and first photo shoot for local papers duly done.  Thanks to Dave & John at Beacon Sports, Malvern for donating the shirts! Look our for self-conscious posing in Evesham Journal.  Many thanks to Sarah and Nick at Worcester News.

bikewithJake are the proud owners of a QR Code!  Kevin at Sign Here, Worcester is a genius and a true professional into the bargain!  After being asked if he could print onto 6, seen better days bike panniers and pannier covers, Kevin came up with lots of ideas and showed us the QR Code system and now we really are 21st century.

Had a couple of days down on the south coast - no bikes but did quick visit to Bournemouth.

Boys are out cycling a 25 miler with mate Geoff.  Poor Geoff, he's doing 40 miles due to pedal to and from meeting place (more like this Geoff & you could join the team in June!) Nic is snuggled up after interesting first ever bout of vertigo.
Looking forward to spring coming and pedalling in warm sunshine.

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  1. keep up the great work.....need more comments philip