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Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Training for Some of Us

Oh dear, it doesn't take much to slip back into the old habits of couch potato.

Thursday was good, Nic & Jake went for another jog. A stagger over muddy fields towards the interval training trees meant crossing a ditch.  No lithe leap from Nic, more a slip, a stutter, a lunge, a splat!  Fabulous brown knees and hands and much sniggering from Jake who crossed the ditch without faltering. Once at the trees they managed 10 x 60 second interval runs with a 60 second rest in between each set.  They then jogged home via the bridge!

Jake's fitness regimen then led to his second ever TaeKwonDo class. It was good physical exercise but it'was the concentration and following instructions that was actually quite tiring.  Jake was almost asleep before he'd travelled the 2 miles home.

So, Thursday was on target.  Friday, no hockey for Jake and a day off for Nic.  Saturday should have been a long cycle ride and turned into a 3 mile stroll along the River Avon.  Lovely day, swans, cormorants, highland cattle and tufted ducks but hardly 25 miles in the saddle.  As for Sunday, Jake played rugby coming on as a sub for the hooker.  So Jake had his turn at getting muddy and getting some exercise.  Nic & Philip just about managed to be spectators on the side of a very windswept pitch and then topped up their work-out with close inspection of the Matt Roberts fitness DVD.

I think we all know who will make to the top of those hills in June!

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