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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bredon Hill Walk

bikewithJake was a team of one today - and it wasn't Jake. Jake decided against a walk  as it just didn't seem quite exciting enough after rugby was cancelled due to the frost. Philip, well he was just a 'no-show'.  So it was down to the sickly Nic to put best booted foot forward and march to the top of a hill.

It was a beautiful day to head for the top of Bredon Hill, crisp underfoot, with hidden sparkling jewels of frost in the lee of the land and a slight ivory haze softening the distant views.  

     The walk was from Kersoe via 'Fiddler's Knapp' to the 'Elephant' at the top of the hill and then back following a circular route.  Two hours fifteen minutes of gentle rambling interspersed by 5 minutes of listening to joyous, busy chatter.  A mixed flock of finches - always take binoculars - gossiped away in the tops of half a dozen trees.  The noise and sight of 3 earnest mountain bikers sent them whirring into the sky, probably close to 100 birds, momentarily lost in the glare of the sun.  Then, they swooped back to their canopy perches to resume their chat as before.

You see boys, you don't know what you were missing!

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