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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Halfway Stage

Sorry we've been missing - Cornish & Devon Hills in way of good communication.

This momentous journey where we've lost count of the huge hills we've climbed, how many seaside villages we've visited, how many wet day starts, how many lovely people we've met along the way, how many amazing coastal landscapes, has slightly dimmed this evening by the cycling incident on the A379 into Shaldon when Jake came off his bike and damaged his handlebars and brakes.

Thanks to Bob from Braking Wind Cycles, Dawlish the bike was repaired and we missed the ferry over the Exe and are camping West of the river at Leadstone Campsite, courtesy of Andrew, the proprietor.

Jake was also involved in a showering incident when he managed to lose his pyjamas & towel because he went off to play.
Highlights: It's been a fantastic journey of discovery - lanes of surprising beauty with ferns on the banks along the roadside, an amazing array of wild flowers, rolling hills (and those very steep ones too). Encouragement from so many people, Sid & Mike 2 campsite owners who boosted the kitty by £50 between them, cafe owners and walkers in the middle of nowhere who have been touched by Jake's extraordinary journey. People have been flabbergasted by the distance covered and the terrain that's been tackled. Their enthusiasm and encouragement has been touching and motivating.
Halfway, same to go again. We are coping surprisingly well. Micro camping cookbook soon be released - grab cornish pasties when you can and top up on cream teas!
We would dearly love to see friends and other folk along the way and thank all texters. Thanks to Mac for his training over the last 6 months - it's paying off.
Will try to keep this updated subject to connections and power.
Better weather would be great and an opportunity to actually enjoy one of these beaches would be fab too.


  1. yay, im with you...in spirit anyway. sounds like you guys are doing really well. im tracking you now on endomondo and cant believe you have cycled 77km yesterday.
    well done!!!
    keep up the good work

    love form Sue Dean x x x

    ps blimey i had to create my own blog to comment on here! lol. dont bother reading it tho as its blank!!

  2. I've just read about your bike ride on our local newspaper website. Well done so far and good luck for the rest of the journey. I might try and join you when you come through Eastbourne/Bexhill.

  3. Wish I could send you some of the still over 30 degrees heat from Moscow;) But I'm soooooo proud of you all - keep going, you must be nerly there by now!!

  4. Hi Jake,

    Sorry to read that you came off your bike a few days ago. Hope you're fully recovered now. Why doesn't the showering incident surprise me?!

    Looking at your progress on endomondo you'll probably be cycling over to Littlehampton today. Unfortunately I won't be around much, so I might not be able to cheer you on in person. However, I will be thinking of you and wish you lots of luck for the next stage of your journey.

    Weather update: it's grey but not raining in Middleton yet!

    Love Miss Peart x