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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Are We Nearly There Yet?

The answer, rather scarily, is YES!
A week today we will have set up camp at Lower Treave near Land's End and will be trying to get Jake to go to sleep.
It's been a quiet week on the blog because it's been a hectic week everywhere else.
Tearful; as Jake left his tiny village school to head for Middle School in September. The last day was the extraordinary roller-coaster of Leavers' Service for Jake and farewells for Philip & I as we said goodbye to our Year 5 pupils and also our Headmaster.
Excitement; with the arrival of a package for Jake.... cycle clothing from Just Juniors
Cyclewear, who have kindly sponsored some of his kit.
Jake was beside himself when he saw his bright yellow Polaris jumper and Just Junior windproof jacket but then he saw the bib-shorts! Given half a chance he would have worn them to bed.
Bemusement; how on earth are we going to cope with all this technology? Philip has a new mobile phone - can't see it lasting the journey if he doesn't quickly master the whole touch screen phenomenon. We are trying out a Mobile phone 'App' (would you believe) called Endomondo to allow one and all to track our moves on a daily basis, it must be easier than we're making it! And then there's the camera, hmmm how does it take clear shots of moving cyclists & how can it be easily got at on the bike?
Self-conscious; Jake & Nic were interviewed on BBC Hereford & Worcester at 7.30 on Friday morning. Nic does NOT like the sound of her own voice (contrary to the opinions of Jake and Philip) and as for Jake - what's the audio equivalent of a rabbit caught in headlights?
Tired; End-of-termitis, was joined by a heavy cold for Jake - low activity levels therefore the order of the day. Wednesday saw our final session at Elite Fitness and Health. Thanks Mac!! Muscle overload on quads, abs and glutes meant negotiating stairs or even sitting down was very tricky on Thursday evening, nigh on impossible on Friday and only eased by a pedal on
Nervous; It's a week to go. People have been very generous and we've raised another £130 this week - that's a lot of people willing us to complete the task. We want to do ourselves and everyone else proud.
Enthusiastic; Aren't we lucky? This will be a fantastic opportunity to see our coastline, meet people and raise funds for a great cause.... Counting the days

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