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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More wimping adults

Jake has finally had his down-time day - Cubs beckoned, so he probably used as much energy hurtling around with his mates as he does pedalling or running.

Tonight it was the adults' turn - in a gym, being put through their paces. What started out as a fitness session ended in a lot of pained groaning as Nic and Philip made the mistake of mentioning the various troubled parts of their body.

So, Philip has been complaining of aching upper arms and shoulders and has been gently swinging his arms in a rather unstable way, searching for relief, during our leisurely pedals through the Cotswolds. Never identify a specific area of aches in the company of a trainer, an anticipatory glint appears in their eye and suddenly, you are being asked for the pain level on a scale of 0 - 10 whilst you breath deeply and try to answer, "Eight", hoping this will mean the pain will stop. The discomfort, and there was some, was actually followed by pain relief. We left the gym laden with specific exercises for all the weird aches we have accumulated and even more stretches to follow after our cycling exertions. It was time well spent.

Who knows what beckons tomorrow or indeed, whether we will be moving smoothly - it must be progress!

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