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Saturday, 19 June 2010

It's been a long week

We've reached another Sunday, but it's been a trial. This is not least because Nic & Philip went for a training session on Wednesday and have spent the subsequent few days moving around rather slowly.

The technical term, we were informed, is muscle overload. On occasion this is supposed to be a good thing - when exactly?! After a standard warm-up, our 'hard-work' antennae were immediately twitching as we left the gym for the car-park. Walking lunges should be carried out in the privacy of your own home unless you are an olympic athlete - this is something we learned very quickly. We have spent more than enough time balancing on two feet and walking, we thought we had it down to a fine art. It's very embarassing when moving forward without a drunken wobble seems to come at a premium. FIVE sets!

We moved on to sundry strengthening exercises that involved the kerb in the car park and holding onto a bit of fencing. Then came the next trial, Mac has a wall outside the gym, on consideration, it's about 3 bricks too high. Step-ups, three sets, followed by jogging and sprinting. Nic has never had a fast-twitch muscle fibre in her body and age is also now against her. The 'sprint' took place on legs of blancmange, even arms pumping failed to get much above a stagger. Philip seemed to be able to do this exercise - maybe he'd been cheating on the step-ups. We finished the session with a 1000 metre row. It's a good job Mac has gone on holiday, given the level of difficulty a set of stairs became on Thursday and Friday. Oh, don't worry we cycled on Thursday just to keep the stiffness at bay -Ha!

The proof is in the doing, whilst Jake wends his way back from a hopefully successful attempt at walking up Snowdon with the cubs, Nic and Philip are planning some cycling reps up a local hill.

The benefits of training - let's see.

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